When a Tooth Abscess Is a Dental Emergency

General dentists are often trained to address and deal with dental emergencies, which can arise at just about any time.

Kid-Friendly Dentist: Anxiety-Managing Techniques for Dental Fears

Kids that have a minor systemic disease that does not cause any functional limitation, can be considered eligible for sedation.

Tooth Filling vs. Dental Inlay

Another common option is a dental filling, which has varying characteristics but offers a similar outcome.

Dental Implants: Long Term Tooth Replacement Solution

There are several advantages of implants compared to dentures, a traditional tooth replacement option.

Dental Restoration Options for a Damaged Tooth

Both procedures involve your dentist placing artificial tooth-shaped structures in your mouth, but they’re not interchangeable.

Signs of a Loose Dental Bridge

A loose dental bridge can occur for many reasons, including excessive wear and tear, damage to the abutment teeth and periodontal concerns. The sooner that you can detect a loose or damaged dental bridge, the better chance you have to … Continued

Taking Care of Teeth After Orthodontics Treatment

Flossing becomes even more important when teeth have already been weakened by decay during treatment with orthodontic appliances.

Can Dental Sealants Be Used for Adults?

While dental sealants may be used primarily for children, they offer unique benefits to adults too.

Reasons You Might Need a Dental Inlay

Dental inlays are a treatment option used to rebuild, renew and restore teeth that are in bad shape. They often get overlooked as they are not used as commonly as dental fillings or crowns. Nonetheless, they are a great option … Continued

Will an Endodontic Professional Perform Root Canal Therapy on a Diseased but Pain-Free Tooth?

Thinking you may be in need of endodontic services? Your good overall oral health is not only important so you can have a healthy mouth, but when your oral health is in good shape, it is likely that your overall … Continued